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3 Jan 2012 - CAIP Cost Share Deadline, Ag Trucking Regulations Meeting, Corn & Soybean Variety Performance Books Available, 2012 KY Small Ruminant Grazing Conference

17 Jan 2012 - Ag Expo, Tips to Reduce Winter Hay Feeding Costs for Beef Herd, Garden Club Meeting

23 Jan 2012 - Tobacco Production & Marketing Meeting, Garden Club Meeting, KY/TN Grain Day, KY Beef Cattle Market Update

Winter 2012 Newsletter - Kentucky Equine Survey, Tobacco Production & Management Meeting, Beef Market Outlook & Management Meeting, CAIP Cost-Share Program Update, Green River CPH Sales Update

31 Jan 2012 - Tobacco Production & Marketing Meeting, Beef Market Outlook & Management Meeting, Pesticide Safety Trainings, Horse Owners/Operators Needed for Equine Survey

20 Feb 2012 - Pesticide Safety Training, Ohio Co Garden Club Meeting, The Benefits of Legumes, Herd Bull Management, Union Co Bull Sale

6 March 2012 - Make Voluntary Donation When Renewing Farm Tags, Farmer's Market Meeting, Home-Based Microprocessor Workshop-March 27

1 May 2012 - Equine Educational Opportunities, In Search of 300-Day Grazing

15 May 2012 - KY Beef Cattle Market Update, Residential Rain Garden Design for Homeowners, Equine Opportunities

22 May 2012 - Fungicides for Corn Best Used in Reproductive Stage, Face Fly Control in Livestock, Pond Management Workshop, Residential Rain Garden Design for Homeowners

Summer 2012 Newsletter

31 July 2012 - Corn, Tobacco & Soybean Field Day, Multi-species Grazing for Livestock, Are You Drinking Enough Water?

18 September 2012 - Beef Bash 2012, Ohio Co Fair, Western KY Ag Awareness Forum, Fall Armyworm Moth Counts Continue to Climb, Summary of WASDE and Estimating Corn ACRE Payments

24 September 2012 - Beef Bash 2012, CAIP Cost Share Program Deadline, Beware of Prussic Acid Poisoning, Western KY Ag Awareness Forum

9 October 2012 - KY Beef Conference, Transitioning Your Farm to the Next Generation, New Opportunity For Marketing KY Burley Tobacco, KY Grazing Conference

Fall 2012 Newsletter - KY Beef Conference, Pasture Management Tips for October,
Transitioning Your Farm to the Next Generation, KY Grazing Conference, Green River CPH Sales Update, New Opportunity for Marketing Burley Tobacco, Hay Testing - A Wise Investment, Fall Armyworms Doing Damage to New Seedings, October World Ag Supply and Demand Estimates Report

26 November 2012 - Ohio Valley Precision Ag Conference, Test Your Hay for Nutritional Quality



8 January 2013 - Corn & Soybean Performance Reports, Cattle Comfort During the Winter

14 January 2013 - Jan. 2013 USDA Grain Stocks & Crop Production Report, Corn & Soybean Performance Reports Available, The Moving Finger.........

21 Janurary 2013 - Pasture & Hayfield Improvement Webinar, Tobacco Meeting, Beef Meeting, Cost Share Update

Winter 2013 Newsletter -Hay & Pasture Improvement Webinar, Tobacco Production Meeting, Beef Market Outlook Meeting, Cost Share Program, CPH Sales Update, KY Beef Cattle Market Update, More Value from Pastures in 2013, Corn & Soybeans Performance Reports, Master Gardener Program, Pesticide Safety Trainings, Forage Variety Reports

28 January 2013 - Cost Share Program Sign Up Starts, Pesticide Safety Trainings, Tobacco Production & Management Meeting, Beef Market Outlook & Cost Share Meeting

4 February 2013 - Tobacco Production Meeting, Beef Market Outlook & Cost Share Meeting, Cost Share Meeting, Choose Clover Varieties Carefully, Soybean Rust Update

18 February 2013 - Pesticide Safety Education, CAIP Cost-Share Program Signup Begins, Alfalfa Conference, Renovating High Traffic Areas With Ryegrass

25 February 2013 - Farmer's Market Meeting, Good Ag Practices Training, Bull Sales Upcoming

4 March 2013 - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Training, Pesticide Safety Education Training, Low Interest Loans Available, KY Grazing School

23 Mar 2013 - Pythium Root Rot in Float Plants, Tobacco "GAP" Training, "So God Made a Farmer" - By Paul Harvey

25 Mar 2013 - Tobacco Greenhouse Problems, KY Grazing School, Spring Mowing Most Important of Lawn Duties

1 April 2013 - Tobacco GAP Training Opportunities, USDA Releases Corn Planting Intentions, On Farm Solar Energy Production, Sheep & Goat Field Day in Grayson County

8 April 2013 - 3 Month Weather Outlook, Third Thursday Thing, What is the Rainfall at Your Farm?, Alfalfa Weevil Damage Late for 2013, Sheep & Goat Field Day in Grayson County

15 April 2013 - Refuge Requirements for Transgenic Insect Control in Corn, A Breeding Soundness Exam: Insurance for Your Breeding Season, KY Beef Cattle Market Update

29 April 2013 - Controlling Flies in Cattle, Corn Planting Dates and Yield

6 May 2013 - CAIP Cost Share Packets Available, Wheat Field Day, Aquaculture Field Day, May is "Beef" Month

13 May 2013 - KY Beef Cattle Market Update, Beef Management Tips

3 June 2013 - Advanced Kentucky Grazing School, Spring Breeding on Fescue Pastures, Thirst: Does Your body Know When It Needs Water

8 July 2013 - Master Beef Marketer Program to be Held in Area, CAIP Program Update, Woodland Owners Shortcourse, Time for Newly Hatched Lonestar Ticks

22 July 2013 - July is National Eggplant, Blueberry & Lettuce Month, Woodland Owners Shortcourse, Rinse & Return, Soil Health Workshop, Protect Livestock During High Heat

29 July 2013 - Corn, Soybean & Tobacco Field Day, Make Sure Cattle Get Enough Water, Selecting For Stayability in the Beef Herd, Woodland Owners Shortcourse

26 Aug 2013 - Family Fun Night at the Farm, Ky Beef Cattle Market Update

9 Sept 2013 - Rinse & Return Pesticide Container Collection, Hornets and Yellowjackets, Third Thursday Program - Sept 19th on Pawpaws, Beginning Farmer Conference

16 Sept 2013 -Ohio County Fair. Beef Management Tips, Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update

25 Sept 2013 - Ohio Valley Small Farm and Garden Conference, Beginning Farmer Conference

29 Sept 2013 - Beginning Farmer Conference, Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, Great Corn Harvest But Compaction Nipped Some Yield, Ohio Valley small Farm and Garden Conference

16 Dec 2013 - Pregnancy Checking Beef Cows Pays the Bills, Beef Management Tips

23 Dec 2013 - Corn & Soybean Variety Performance Tests are Available, Green River Ara Master Marketer Program, 2014 Winter Wheat Meeting



6 Jan 2014 - Green River Area Master Marketer Program, Ohio Co Ag Development Council Meeting, Cold Stress and Newborn Calf Survival, Burley Tobacco Growers Conference,

13 Jan 2014 - Commodity Conference, KY Corn Yield Contest Winner, Intensive, Soybean Management Workshop

27 Jan 2014 - Intensive Soybean Management Workshop, Tobacco Production Marketing Meeting, Tobacco News: GAP Connections Launches Website & Grower ID System

10 Feb 2014 - Frost Seeding Legumes in Hay & Pasture Fields, Union Co Bull Sale

17 Feb 2014 - Preparing Cows for Breeding Season, Union Co Bull Sale, Tri-State Woodland & Wildlife Workshop

24 Feb 2014 - Beef Management Tips, Tobacco Gap Training, KY Wildflowers Webinar

3 Mar 2014 - Soybean High Yield Checklist, KY Spring Grazing School, On-Farm Energy Efficiency Incentives, Tobacco GAP Training, KY Wildflower Webinar, Sheep & Goat Workshop

10 Mar 2014 - Pesticide Safety Education Trainings, Agricultural Trucking Regulations, KY Wildflowers Webinar, Marketready Training Being Offered, Sheep & Goat Workshop

24 Mar 2014 - Ag Trucking Update, Pesticide Safety  Education Training, Pasture Spraying Program, Poor Quality Yields Poor Performance

31 Mar 2014 - Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Training, Pesticide Safety Education Training, Pasture Spraying Program, Agricultural Trucking Update

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