20 Jun 2016 - Applied Master Cattlemen Program on Thursday Evening, Corn Diseases to Watch for in 2016, National Forage Week

11July 2016 - Pesticide Container "Rinse & Return Recycling" Program, Woodland Owner's Shortcourse, UK Corn, Soybean & Tobacco Field Day, CAIP Program Reimbursement Packets Available

2 Aug 2016 - Stockpiling for Fall & Winter Pasture, Woodland Owners Shortcourse, Eden Shale Farm to Host KFGC Field Day

29 Aug 2016 - Surge of Fall Armyworms Could Affect Pastures & Cover Crops, Long Term Grain Storage Requires Good Management

6 Sept 2016 - Rinse & Return Pesticide Container Recycling, 2016 Farmers Feast, CAIP (Cost Share) Deadlines Approaching, Beef Bash 2016

13 Sept 2016 - Harvest Has Begun: Be Safe on Roadways, Beef Management Tips, CAIP (Cost Share) Deadlines Approaching, Beef Bash 2016

19 Sept 2016 - Fall is Great Time to Soil Test, Beef Bash 2016, Cost Share Deadlines Approaching, The Black and Yellow Garden Spider

26 Sept 2016 - 2017 Winter Wheat Crop Insurance Deadline, CAIP (Cost-Share) Deadlines Approaching

10 Oct 2016 - BQA Certification Training, Fall Forestry Webinars Have Been Set, Cost Share Deadlines Approaching

31 Oct 2016 - Fall Forestry Webinar - Nov 10, Winter Grazing Workshop, Agribusiness & Lenders Conference

7 Nov 2016 - Fall Forestry Webinar, Bred Heifer Sales Upcoming, Agribusiness & Lenders Conference, FSA Acreage Reporting Change for 2017 Crops

14 Nov 2016 - Bred Heifer Sales This Saturday, Agribusiness & Lenders Conference, Precision Ag Data Management Workshop, Fall Forestry Webinar, Featured Publication: AGR-16 "Taking Soil Samples"

29 Nov 2016 - Early Bird Grain Crop Meeting, Fall Forestry Webinar, KY Corn Hybrid Variety Trials Now Online, Precision Ag Data Management Workshop

5 Dec 2016 - Fall Forestry Webinar, KY Fruit & Vegetable Growers Conference, Leaf Scorch & Winter Drying of Woody Plants

12 Dec 2016 - Fall Forestry Webinar, Beef Management Tips, KY Fruit & Vegetable Grower's Conference

20 Dec 2016 - UK 2017 Lambing School, Ohio County Beekeepers, KY Fruit & Vegetable Growers Conference, GMO Crops Help Reduce Inputs and Enhance Conservation


10 Jan 2017 - Beginning Beekeeper Class, 2016 Long Term Summary of KY Forage Variety Trials, Purchase Improved Clovers for Frost Seeding Now

16 Jan 2017 - Using Cover Crops for Grazing Cattle, Ag Expo, Beginning Beekeeper Class

23 Jan 2017 - Ag Expo is Wednesday, Program to Provide Information on Kentucky's Hemp Industry, Ordering Seed for Vegetable Gardens

30 Jan 2017 - Disease Resistant Vegetable Cultivars to Consider, Pasture Weed Spraying Program, Farmer's Market Scales Certification

13 Feb 2017 - Beef Management Meeting, Pesticide Safety Education Trainings,  Pasture Weed Spraying Program, Farmers Market Scales Certification, Tips for Developing Heifers into Mature Cows, Small Ruminant Grazing Conference

27 Feb 2017 - Freezing Temperatures May Have Damaged Wheat, Upcoming Bull/Heifer Sales, Beef Herd Expansion Continues Despite Lower Prices

13 Mar 2017 - Cattle Handling & Care Meeting and BQA Certification, Freeze Alert, Grazing Management of Winter & Summer Annuals

21 Mar 2017 - Wheat Freeze Damage Assessment, Wildfire Devastation in the Plains - How Can You Help?, Grazing Management of Winter & Summer Annuals

27 Mar 2017 - Grazing Management of Winter & Summer Annuals, Pesticide Safety Education Training, Poultry Movement Restrictions, Wheat Freeze Damage Assessment, Wildfire Devastation in the Plains-How Can You Help?

3 April 2017 - 2017 CAIP Cost Share Information, Come Bird with Me in My Garden - May 6, Spring Flower & Garden Jamboree - May 13, 2017 KY Grazing School to be Held in Western KY

2017 CAIP Cost Share Information and Application

11 April 2017 - Spring Brings Grass Tetany, 2017 KY Grazing School to be Held in Western KY, Stripe Rust of Wheat, Termite Swarmers Have Started

18 April 2017 - GAP for Vegetable Producers, 2017 KY Grazing School to be Held in Western KY, Come Bird With Me in my Garden, Wheat Field School: Pre-Heading, Spring Flower & Garden Jamboree

Ohio County Farm & Home News Spring 2017 Newsletter

1 May 2017 - Come Bird With Me in My Garden, Black Vulture Problems, Spring Flower & Garden Jamboree, UK Wheat Field Day, Second Annual Equine Nutrition Short Course

8 May 2017 - Spring Flower & Garden Jamboree - May 13, Gloves are Your First Line of Defense

15 May 2017 - Beef Management Tips, Grass-Fed Beef Conference- June 28, Transferring Your Farm To The Next Generation

22 May 2017 - Beaver Dam Farmer's Market Opens This Saturday, Preventative Measures Can Help Protect Against Mosquito Bites, Prevent Hot Times in the Hay Barn, Grass-Fed Beef Conference

20 June 2017- Grass-Fed Beef Conference, Beef Management Tips, Protecting Pollinators

17 July 2017- Southern Rust Update, Is Morning or Afternoon Hay Cutting Best?, KFGC Field Day & KY Grazing School

28 August 2017- Midwest Beef Summit, USDA Surprises Corn & Soybean Markets with August Projections, Harvest is Beginning: Be Safe on Roadways, 

12 September 2017- 2017 Farmer's Feast, Tips For Stockpiling Fescue for Winter Grazing, CAIP Deadlines Approaching, Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy Papation Workshop.

18 September 2017- National Farm & Safety Week September 17-23, 2017 Farmers Feast, KY Grazing Conference, CAIP Deadlines Approaching